Individuals & Families 

Create the life you Imagine 

Financial Planning 

  • Cash-Flow Analysis

  • Net Worth Review  

  • Risk Management (Investment portfolio, morbidity, and Mortality risk)

  • Debt Management

  • Life Goals (i.e. Travel, big purchase, emergency savings, retirement etc.)

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Retirement solutions 


  • Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP & Simple IRA strategies

  • Roth Conversion Strategies

  • Forecasting (Retirement savings, retirement spending, and RMDs)

  • Benefit & Compensation Election

  • Tax Implication Strategies

Businesses & Companies 

  • Buy/sell funding

  • Succession planning

  • Retirement plan consulting /401(k) (Co-fiduciary & Financial wellness)

  • Key employee insurance

  • Employee deferred compensation guidance 

Tax saving investing

  • Guidance on distribution election, stock options, restricted stock and deferred compensation 

  • Roth conversion

  • Tax-loss Harvesting

  • Qualified charitable giving

  • Tax deferred growth and tax-free income solutions

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Estate Planning Strategies

  • Tax effective wealth transfer strategies

  • Partner with your estate planning professional

  • Introduce you to a trusted estate planning professional if desired 

Wealth Building Solutions

  • 360 integration of benefit plan and overall portfolio strategy

  • ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, municipal bonds (Managed accounts, model portfolios, custom portfolios)

  • Sustainable investing

  • Alternative investments (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

  • Creation and regular review of asset allocation 

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